New track video online now / Sever joins streaming services: 

“Massless (Graviton Void Transcendence”), the first finished track from our upcoming release, “Guero”.   We expect this to be complete by years end.  News on the when / where when we have some.

This track / video is also streaming at our official Youtube channel, linked here.
Be sure to like & subscribe, please!  Building our presence on Youtube and these details make a big difference.

No Gleaming Light video link is: 


Sever's propaganda is now available on all major streaming platforms.  Spotify link below.

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SEVER Merchandise finally available. TS / Zip-up hoodies / Large printed flags  

Visit our shop on the page here to find we've now got a tshirt design, a zip-up hoodie design and two new flag designs available for anyone interested.  (Stargate flag design shown here)

We partnered with a company called Printify who do orders on-demand for band merchandise through the host we use for this page.   We ordered a single unit of each one of the items listed here to check for quality and they looked great.   (PS - the print isn't as high on the back of the “Abyssonaut” t-shirt as it looks in the photo.)

Also have links to purchase all the various formats of our 2022 demo, “Sadistic Sorcery”, and 2023 debut LP, “At Midnight, By Torch Light”.

Europe: Iron Bonehead Productions -
North America / South America:  New Density Records -
Asia / Australia:  Kutu Berahak Records -

Feral lust,

"Sadistic Sorcery" digipak MCD and "At Midnight, By Torch Light" cassettes available now.  

Malaysian label Kutu-Berahak Records has released the “Sadistic Sorcery” demo (2022) on digipak MCD format,  and “At Midnight, By Torch Light” LP (2023) on cassette format, ltd to 100.   Photos posted of both releases here.   Tape design features a different interpretation of the art work, in the vein of an old 80's style J-card design.   Cassette comes in a black velvet bag with fliers and additional propagnada.

Purchase directly from from Malaysia.

Customers in North America can save on shipping and buy direct from our allies at New Density Records in Arizona.  (They also have the digipak CD / gatefold LP of “At Midnight, By Torch Light” from Iron Bonehead Prod. in stock as well as cassette copies of the IBP version of the demo cassette!  Ltd stock on all three.)  

Thanks to Aswad @ Kutu-Berahak Records for doing these releases.   We're proud to be a part of his new label and to be getting some exposure in a far away part of the world.   

From desolate wastelands…
MkX / Sever Temple

News 4/24/2023  

Welcome to the official web cave of American Outlaw Black Metal cult, Sever.   

Powered by Bandzoogle, we've decided to bring our perversion to you directly and offer an opportunity for you to hear from us, stream music, buy digital or physical copies of our records & merchandise, and most importantly, to get news directly from us.    We use this platform as opposed to Bandcamp due to their censorship policies / political agenda over there.  Our label, Iron Bonehead Productions, is absolutely present there, however, and our music available in their shop.

Sever is currently also on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.   We plan to keep our social media activity (hopefully!) limited to this.    Links are at the bottom of the home page.

Our debut album, "At Midnight, By Torch Light" is available now digitally, on digipak CD and gatefold vinyl LP.  Colored vinyl and black vinyl versions available, all copies come with an 8 page printed booklet with more art, a giant A3 poster with the cover art and the colored copies also include a 4" circular Sever “Outlaw Black Metal" red and black embroidered patch.    Get yours now!     First 100 CD's sold at Iron Bonehead will also include the 4" circular patch.

Visit to get yourself a copy.

The 2022 Sever "Sadistic Sorcery" demo tape is going to be pressed onto CD and vinyl formats in very limited editions.   Keep your eyes open for news on this release in the next few weeks / months.   This will be a collaborative release financed by the band and released and distributed by Iron Bonehead Productions.  More news to come when we have ordered the vinyl and discs!

This is the update for now.  Thanks if you're reading this for finding your way to our new home page and checking it out.   Please help spread the word if you enjoy our music, as we're building this thing from the ground up with no shoulders to stand on!

From the forest…..
Ma-Kaxul / April 24, 2022